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Saturday, March 24, 2012

Baking Tools and Supplies

Over the weekend, I got the chance to get some of my baking tools and supplies (one reason why I love weekends..hehehe)
First, we went to Tavola, the authorized re-seller of Wilton products here in Riyadh ~ located along Olaya Street. Btw, I got the Meringue Powder from their Hayat Mall branch.
I was like a child inside a toy store (funny!!) and wanting to buy everything I touch and see (sorry no money..hahaha)
I was also looking for something in particular like the food coloring, coupler and an edible pen. Well, they don't have all of these at the moment...out of stock!!! Oh man!!!
So, I ended up buying these instead.

Letters and Numbers ~ 50 pieces cookie/fondant cutter
(Oranges not included) 

Brush Set.
Rania thought it's for her face painting that's why she opened it.

Lollipop Mold, Disposable Piping bags,Icing ties and more cookie cutters

Another Lollipop Mold. Got this because of the Lady Bug :-)
It's Buy One Get One

Cupcake Wraps and Candy Decorating Bags 

Decorating Tips

We also, passed by Baker's Rendezvous ( Dababa St. beside Mama Noura)  to get some baking supplies too. Here you can find lots of things for baking like Flour, gum paste, baking powder, baking soda, chocolate bark, sprinkles, cake mixes, donut mixes,  filling for pies and cheesecakes, molds, etc.

I was looking for Wilton Candy Melts but it's not available in Tavola. 
Good thing they have it in Baker's Rendezvous. I also got Almonds.

Sugar Sprinkles, Candy Pearls and Red Sprinkles 

Assorted Mini Cups 


  1. investment in the kitchen for mommies baking project hehehe maybe you'll need to add another drawe or space in the kitchen to keep them all. nice and beautifil baking tools! i would like the colorful mini cups ang cute!

  2. thank u maruh! i really need to re-organize my kitchen cabinets para ma accommodate ang baking tools/supplies ko :-)

  3. As-Salamo 'Alykom can you please tell me from where you buy cake decorating tools in riyadh :)?

    1. Hi Tawheed!

      Thank you for visiting my blog!

      Regarding your question, I usually buy my baking tools/supplies from these shops/stores:

      a. TAVOLA (they are the authorized distributor of wilton products) They have 2 branches in Riyadh. 1.Hayat Mall 2. Along Thalateen Street

      b. Baker's Rendezvous along Dabab St. beside Mama Noura (close to King Fahad Medical City Hospital)

      c.Cake Decoration Center along Ourouba St.

      Hope this helps!

  4. Hi, would you know if baker's rendezvous stocks ready to use fondants?
    Thanks so much,

  5. Hi Natscha!
    Honestly, I myself is looking for a ready fondant or a gumpaste for quite sometime now, but I have no luck. Baker's Rendezvous has Marzipan priced at sr30 per pack (weighs less than a kilo as far as I can remember) so maybe you can try it. I bought one for me to try...hope this help!