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Thursday, October 4, 2012

Cielo's Sweet Treats

Hi everyone! I hope all is well with you guys! I have not updated my blog for quite sometime now. I am rather busy with my online business :-) I just recently launched my homebased business specializing in cakes, pastries and other sweets.
You can check out my facebook page: Cielo's Sweet Treats 
Love these colorful cupcakes!

Saturday, September 8, 2012

Decorated Sugar Cookies: Whale, Squirrel & Hibiscus Flower

Rania officially started her formal education last Saturday. She is now in Kindergarten!
 *teary eyes* I know it's a cliche to say "Time flies so fast", but it really does. 
I remember telling her the story on how  I gave birth to her. The first time she opened her eyes and the first time she said "Mommy". Now, she is a "big girl" as we call her and also a school girl for that matter. Cycle of LIFE  **deep breath**
She did very well on her first week, although language is the major adjustment for her because she neither speak nor understand Arabic. But I do hope and pray that she will
learn the language eventually.
Back to my baking *hahaha* I made sugar cookies today to give out to her teachers and
classmates. I made 3 batches of sugar cookies..Whale, Flower and Squirrel.
I used my sugar cookie recipe as seen HERE
I got this marbling technique from Glorious Treats. You can check out her site for more beautiful decorated cookies.

  1. Using an outline consistency (17-20seconds rule) outline the shape. Let it dry for 30minutes to an hour.
  2. Using a flooding consistency, flood your cookie.
  3. Since this is a "wet on wet" technique, pipe another circle using either the same color as the outline or use a different one.
  4. Using a toothpick, drag a portion from the outside edge of the piped circle toward center.
  5. Pipe a small circle in the middle.

 I used  Joy of Baking Royal Icing Recipe with little modification.

  • 4 cups icing/powder sugar
  • 3 tablespoons (30 grams) meringue powder
  • 1/2 - 3/4 cup (120 - 180 ml) warm water


  1. In the bowl of a hand mixer or an electric mixer, mix and beat the icing sugar and meringue powder until combined. Add 1/2 a cup of water and beat on medium to high speed until stiff peak and glossy.
  2. For outlining, use thicker consistency (17-20 second rule) you can add more water or more icing sugar to achieve right consistency. To flood, use a thinner consistency, the icing should create a ribbon as it falls back into the bowl. 
  3. At this time, you can divide your royal icing and add food coloring ( I used gel food color from Wilton)
  4. Make sure to  cover up your royal icing  with a cling film or better yet a damp towel as this will prevent the royal icing from drying, crusting and hardening.

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Outfit Post: Floral Jumpsuit

Floral Jumpsuit. 
Light. Comfy. Stylish

 Jumpsuit: Dorothy Perkins

Bag: Chanel
Watch: Rolex
Bangle: SM Department Store
Shoes: Nine West

Red Onion

It is Indian Cuisine this Wednesday night!!

Abdul has been wanting me to try this Indian restaurant located along Olaya Main Street...RED ONION. He's been boasting about the taste of the Chicken Tikka and Chicken Qorma. And he didn't fail me *smile*

It was really good, although the girls were not able to eat because their "very very mild spicy" is still too spicy!!! *water please* We got them a kiddie meal from Mc Donald's afterwards.

They have Indian, Pakistani and Chinese Selections in their menu.

Chicken Corn Soup. 
It was served hot though the taste is so and so.
I find it a bit watery with less chicken and corn.

Complimentary Crunch Bread with Mint and Yogurt Dip

Butter Nan

 Chicken Qorma

 Chicken Tikka

Butter Chicken

I was actually expecting a similar butter chicken from a Chinese restaurant

Red Onion
Babtain Bldg. No. 5                                                                                                                       Olaya Main St., Riyadh
Tel: 217-6644

Thursday, August 30, 2012

B(L)ACK to Basics

Top / Shoes: Zara
Jeans: Mango
Bag: Chanel

Watch: Rolex
Braided Necklace and Bracelets: bought from an Online Shop

Friday, August 24, 2012

2 in 1

It has been awhile since the last time we ate out on a Wednesday night. And since Ramadan is over, we are back into our normal eating habits.
For this week, we ate at 2in1. One of the best kept resto in Riyadh (atleast for me).
It has been years since the first (and last) time we ate here. I am just happy that we visited again.
Good food and big serving!!! **two thumbs up**

Nothing really fancy with the interiors but the whole place is clean and very neat.

Arabica Chef Salad ~ SR 26
(Chicken Breast, Cucumber, Tomatoes, Lettuce, Olives with Vinaigrette Dressing)

2in1 Mixed Starters ~ SR 36
(Mozzarella Sticks, Churchuri Roll, Quesedilla, Hot Cheese Fries with Spicy Meat)

Grilled Lamb Cutlets / Lam Chops ~ Sr 56
(Lamb Chops/ cutlets with Rosti Potatoes)

Chicken Zuricher ~ SR 44
(Strips of Grilled Chicken Breast with Onion and Mushroom mixed in  a rich Creamy Sauce served with Roasted Potatoes)

 Chicken Pita Supreme ~ SR 18
(Strips of Marinated Chicken Breast with Carrots and Onions served in Slices of Pita Bread topped with Cheddar Cheese Sauce)

Banana Blanket ~ Sr 18
(A Stuffed Crepe (Nutella) with slices of Banana served with Vanilla, Chocolate and Strawberry Ice Cream)

2in1 Restaurant
A. Along Dabab St. Near King Fahad Medical City (with family Section)B. King Abdullah Road Opposite to King Saud University - Tamimi Complex ( No family section)

Friday, August 17, 2012

Back to School Sugar Cookies

I created these Back to School Sugar Cookies for Rania since she will formally go to school this September. This marks another milestone in "our" lives. Good Luck, Princess! Love lots!

All cookies were cut free hand.

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Jo Malone

Jo new cologne addiction!!!
They have just opened in the KSA about 7months ago. And as per the SA, it is their first store in the Kingdom.
When i first set foot inside their store, I was really in awe to see lots of cologne varieties. So many wonderful scents to choose from ~ woody, fruity, fresh, floral etc. I tried and smell almost all of their available cologne..And with their fragrance layering, the simple light scent of the cologne can turned into a more beautiful and more personalized scent.

You can try their products here at their tasting bar. Gorgeous isn't it?

 Elegant packaging

 They have 2 sizes for their cologne. SAR257 ($68) for 30ml while SAR514 (1387 for 100ml.

Bath Soap
They also have Diffuser, Body Creme, Body Lotion, Room Spray and Candle.

This is what I got for myself 
I was about to get the 30ml but the SA told me it is way more practical to get the 100ml, and so I did

Love at first smell.
Vanilla & Anise.
For fragrance layering, I tried their scent with cacao and it smells divine!
The only drawback since it is a Cologne, the smell doesn't stay that long not unless you do fragrance layering plus the body creme and lotion to make the smell more intense. But you can always re apply because the smell is so fresh and light.

Jo Malone London
1st floor Kingdom Center
Riyadh, Saudi Arabia