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Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Jo Malone

Jo new cologne addiction!!!
They have just opened in the KSA about 7months ago. And as per the SA, it is their first store in the Kingdom.
When i first set foot inside their store, I was really in awe to see lots of cologne varieties. So many wonderful scents to choose from ~ woody, fruity, fresh, floral etc. I tried and smell almost all of their available cologne..And with their fragrance layering, the simple light scent of the cologne can turned into a more beautiful and more personalized scent.

You can try their products here at their tasting bar. Gorgeous isn't it?

 Elegant packaging

 They have 2 sizes for their cologne. SAR257 ($68) for 30ml while SAR514 (1387 for 100ml.

Bath Soap
They also have Diffuser, Body Creme, Body Lotion, Room Spray and Candle.

This is what I got for myself 
I was about to get the 30ml but the SA told me it is way more practical to get the 100ml, and so I did

Love at first smell.
Vanilla & Anise.
For fragrance layering, I tried their scent with cacao and it smells divine!
The only drawback since it is a Cologne, the smell doesn't stay that long not unless you do fragrance layering plus the body creme and lotion to make the smell more intense. But you can always re apply because the smell is so fresh and light.

Jo Malone London
1st floor Kingdom Center
Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

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