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Monday, July 23, 2012

Chanel Sublimage L 'Essence Essential Revitalizing Concentrate

From Chanel Official Website:
This ground-breaking concentrate, empowered by Golden Champa PFA*, is derived from the legendary golden flower of the Himalayas. Purified to its most potent essence, this natural ingredient frees cells of their toxins, restoring them to their purest, most vital, youthful state.
Detoxified and revitalized, skin is now reborn, and fully receptive to the complete regenerating power of the iconic SUBLIMAGE Essential Regenerating Creams, for the ultimate in skin perfection. . . revitalized, regenerated, radiant.

I am not the type of person who follows a daily beauty regimen. I am too lazy to cleanse, moisturize etc etc. and I'm contented just washing my face daily with my ever reliable Neutrogena Facial Wash, and that's it! I know it is not healthy for me and for my aging skin hehehe.

I am not really blessed with smooth, pore free skin. It is my dream to have one hehehe. 
Well, who doesn't???? Like I said, I am too lazy to put creams etc etc on my face but I love going to Derma Clinics or Facial Centers to have my facial & diamond peel (which i am addicted) It is my "me time" and also a time for me to relax.

During my teen age years,  I experienced pimple break outs every now and then. I have oily skin back in the days but surprisingly, I have a very dry skin now! Is it because of age or just the hot and super dry weather here in Riyadh??? 

I tried beauty products from Derma Clinics as well as Over the Counter Moisturizers, Whitening Cream (not to make my face white but to even out my skin tone), Day and Night Creams etc. but nothing really worked for me *sad*

After I gave birth to my youngest, I am determined to to follow a strict skin/beauty regimen .My skin was really bad at that time.. discolorations here and there, puffiness etc.  

That's when  I tried Chanel products. I first purchased their Hydra Beauty Collection and Le Blanc Line. 
My skin responded to it beautifully. I had moisturized skin and it was glowing and soft.The price for each line can be expensive but seeing outright and positive results you won't have second thoughts buying it again and again.

While my supply is nearing to its end hehehe, I asked hubby to get me another supply (sakit sa bulsa) *laugh* but I wanted to try their Sublimage Line. Yeah, this is way more expensive than Hydra and Le Blanc Collections but i am pretty sure it will deliver more wonderful results hehehe.

The price online for this Sublimage Revitalizing Concentrate is $425.00 and here in Riyadh the price is way more expensive with SAR1,690 ($505) price tag! *major headache* Luckily, one of hubby's staff was in Paris and he asked her to get it from there. The price???? EUR300 roughly $380...what a big price difference!!!! How I wish I live in Paris!!!! *big laugh*

It has been 3 days now since I started using this Chanel Sublimage Revitalizing Concentrate and I am super duper happy! It instantly gave me a face lift everytime I use it hehehe. I feel my skin has tightened and it is softer and smoother. 

It only comes in one size, 1 Fl. Oz. but it will definitely last for 6 months or so since you only need a small pea size amount to cover your whole face.

I am looking forward to try other Chanel Sublimage products soon!


  1. so expensive but so worth it ;)

  2. @Maruh, yes it is pricey but with the instant result I am willing to pay hahahaha! You are fortunate dahil ams mura dyan. Next time pabili na ako sayo hehehe