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Friday, July 13, 2012


From Wikipedia
Patchi is a chocolate brand from Lebanon. Established by Nizar Choucair in 1974, it now has more than 140 locations in 28 countries.[1]

They have wide variety of chocolates (dark, white, sugar free etc) plus different fillings like nuts, coffee, peanut butter, wafer etc.

Yesterday, we got our sweet dose of cookies and cream and chocolate wafer.
Price per kilo ranges from SAR 120.00 and up

Beautiful Chocolate Arrangements. 
Take your pick whether you want it to be placed and arranged in  crystal, silver or porcelain.

Patchino is Patchi's Gourmet Chocolates for Kids.
See the displays on the left??? Those are Patchinos.
Chocolates are placed inside colorful boxes and bags.

While, the display on the right are assorted gift boxes.
The lime green, black and white color theme is their new packaging. 
Previously, it was Dark Brown and Silver. It was more elegant looking (for me) 

A Beautiful Chocolate Arrangement like this will cost you SAR 2,250 (roughly around USD 600-700) 
Yes, you read it right! It is really expensive.
And a piece of a personalized chocolate would cost you around $4.oo and up depending on the decoration plus the kind of chocolates to be used.

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